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      Patient Testimonials

      I have a number of physical conditions such as Erythromelalgia, Fibromyalgia, and others. Many of which have no hope of much relief. Several months ago we decided to try stem cell therapy on the chance I may get some relief. I have been amazed by the improvement. The burning sensation in my hands has improved dramatically. For the fist time in years I am able to use my hands and even clap which would have been impossible 5 months ago. I've also seen some improvement in my other conditions. In the near future we are going for my second treatment in hope of continued improvement. If you have little hope, I fully endorse your trying stem cell therapy with Dr. Valpiani.

      - Amber P

      I have suffered from chronic neck pain for over thirty years and have exhausted every mean possible to elevate the pain including surgery. After being treated by Dr Valpiani with Stem Cell Therapy I have felt increasingly better and my pain continues decrease as does my use of pain medication. In addition, an unexpected positive side effect of the therapy included a noticeable decrease in my blood sugar levels. Thank you Dr. Valpiani!

      - Bruce H

      I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2002. I was prescribed Asacol 400mg 3 times per day, after about 6-8 months I went into remission and stopped taking my medication. I remained in remission for 7 years, then in 2009, my life changed when I pursued 2 more graduate degrees and was working full time. The added stress caused me to have full blown symptoms again and I had to start taking my medication again and my symptoms were not controlled. In 2012, after another colonoscopy I had to increase my medication to the point where I was taking Asacol 800mg 2 pills 3 times per day which barely controlled my symptoms. In November 2017, I sought the help of Dr. Valpiani and had a stem cell infusion. At first my symptoms were under control, but after a couple of months the treatment seemed to wear off. Then in March 2018, all of a sudden the stem cell treatment kicked in and my symptoms were almost totally gone and I had reduced my medication to 1-2 pills per day and presently I am doing well with my symptoms. I encourage anyone with who have been unsuccessful in treatments to make a appointment with Dr. Valpiani and try a stem cell treatment.

      - Dennis K.

      My lupus was to the point of being debilitating. Stem cells gave me my life back and can now enjoy the outdoors with my family.

      - Rachel

      I had knee pain that made it hard to walk. Pain medications did not help. After I had stem cell treatment by Dr. Valpiani I have had no pain for over a year and walking is not painful.

      - Vivian W

      I had knee pain for 15 years. Walking was painful. I walked with a limp and could not walk far without resting. The pain would wake me up at night. After being treated with stem cells by Dr. Valpiani I can now sleep through the night. I was able to go to Japan and Hawaii and walk as much as I wanted. I recommend stem cell treatment for anyone with knee pain.

      - Kathy

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