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      Future Treatments



      These are future treatments undergoing further investigations.

      Intravenous treatment is the IV infusion of stem cell derived exosomes into the veins. In addition to exosomes, your physician may personalize your therapy further by including peptides, platelet rich plasma, or other medications, among other treatments.

      The stem cells utilized for your infusion may be obtained from your own cells, concentrated down and reinfused or from an allograft source. These infusions have been very effective in treating a multitude of different conditions including:

      • Alzheimer's
      • Autism
      • Auto Immune Disorders
      • Better Health as we Age
      • COPD
      • Congestive Heart Failure
      • Dementia
      • Diabetes
      • Lung Failure
      • Lupus
      • Lyme Disease
      • M.S.
      • Musculoskeletal Conditions
      • Overall Wellness
      • Parkinson's

      And more discoveries are being made daily on the uses of these therapies. Depending on your condition, your physician may consider part of your therapy to include an injection directly into the area of disease followed by IV infusion.

      The exosomes utilized for your treatment are obtained from a line of mesenchymal stem cells grown from placental tissue grown specifically for treating certain conditions. Ask your provider about what exosomes are and how they can help you.

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